It’s time to make your dreams live

Time never waits for you
Better start something new, right now
Get yourself away from regret
That you would have been better now
if you would have done it
If you would have tried it
Its time to try all that you can
It’s time to try all that you wished to do
So that dreams could be lived and better enjoyed.

Hard truth about life

Life is a race,

Which makes you always brace,

Hard to embrace,

Unfeigned, Life is vain,

If it doesn’t imply any sprain,

As life is sleeveless without any gain.

‘Never a lip is curved with pain

that can’t be kissed into smiles again’.

If you don’t like it, You are not in pace,

No one veraciously cares for you, if you’ re not an Ace,

As everyone wants their own space.

Arduous to believe, Factually, this is the selfish life we Live.

Welcome to my blog

Hey people

Welcome to the world of Joel Noronha @iamnjoel.

I’m 23 year old teenager born and brought up in India’s dream city Mumbai.

You can call me ‘son of the soil’. I just completed my graduation and currently pondering on the very purpose of my existence.

God has blessed me bountifully and I would Praise him umpteen number of times. How much ever I praise him, would be really really less. God has beautiful plans for each and every one of us. I’m walking the path drawn for me and in the process of self discovery.

This blog is my second home. I share my secrets here. I created this blog to just open mu heart out and empty myself everyday. This gives me a great feeling of satisfaction. I feel myself relaxed after writing my heart out. I write here each day the thoughts that come to my mind, the things I come across, about the people I meet, the instances I face. After all, I’m a common  man. You can’t expect much from me.

We are all wanderers in the journey of life.

This blog is my way to help you explore my journey. Hope you enjoy this ride.